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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Udemy Courses

Ever thought of an educational system where you get personal assistance as well as 24/7 access to adept, experienced tutors who can explain to you. Your subject of choosing, thoroughly? Well, with digital advancements, the world is getting closer to finding better solutions to problems. Udemy online platform that provides courses on hundreds of topics, each fully equipped with subcategories that include video tutorials. PDF files, checklists, assessments, and quizzes.

A certificate is awarded at the end of each course. The instructors explain in simple language and are willing to help students with personal growth and understanding at all times.

Platforms like these are helping instructors and creators to commercialize their skills, as well as assisting the students in coming out of the traditional classroom system and learning at their own pace, at the comfort of their personal electronic devices and convenient time slots.

Features of Udemy Courses

  • The company offers a massive range of courses. Udemy currently offers fifteen major subjects or categories of courses. This further consists of detailed video tutorials and study materials of the subcategories of each of these categories.

  • For example, there are hundreds of videos available on computer science alone. Subcategories include various programming languages, processes, techniques, and disciplines. A student studying computer science can find their entire syllabus (and maybe beyond it) compactly explained through video and written tutorials.

  • No previous qualifications are required to avail of their courses. Students can choose to take any course of their choosing.

  • It can be accessed from several electronic display devices like desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. The only requirement besides a device is a good internet connection.

  • Almost 10% of the total number of courses that are offered by Udemy is free of cost. Very rarely do some courses cost more than $1000. The average price of the remaining courses is less than or equal to $200. So. all in all. We can say that Udemy courses are pretty inexpensive.

  • One characteristic of every trustworthy company is that they don't hesitate to offer a complete refund against the satisfaction of their clients. If a student wishes to discontinue a course within 30 days of their enrollment, they will be refunded the initial course fees that they had paid to enroll.
  • Once a student has enrolled themselves into a course at Udemy. They immediately gain access to all their study material, including financial templates, checklists. PDF files, guidelines, etc. These study materials are usually prerecorded and are available for downloading on any electronic device that the student wishes to do their courses.

  • Course materials can be accessed at any time and as many times as the student wishes without incurring any additional charges. This ensures that the subject is learned and understood by the students, at their own time and convenience. Since students have to balance college, assignments, projects, extracurricular and all sorts of other works together, it's best to let them access study materials any time and for as long as they want, to ease up the learning process.

  • As mentioned earlier. Udemy offers video tutorials, which means that they can be paused, rewound and replayed as many times as it takes for the student to understand the topic thoroughly. The videos range from 5 to 15 minutes. Every video is followed by intensive quizzes and assignments to ensure thorough knowledge of the material.

  • The student can preview demo videos and materials to decide whether they like the style of teaching, the instructor, whether they would like to take the full course or not. Numerous reviews of previous or current students are also available all across the website, so students can give them a good read before you purchase a course at Udemy.

  • The instructors in charge of each subject have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in their respective fields. They not only teach exceptionally well but also explain the subject further with relevant examples and concepts of real-world businesses. The teaching is done using simple words in English, attempting not to overcomplicate ideas.

  • A lot of the courses offered by Udemy. Provide a certificate on its completion. Since no independent verification is available as a proof of the student's mastery of the subject, this certificate might be questioned by someone who hasn't heard of Udemy or doesn't know you personally. Some courses on the website have been approved for carrying educational credits and continuing professional training, but it's better to verify their credentials.

Benefits of the Udemy Platform

For teachers and course creators:

  • Udemy creators and instructors receive aggressive revenues of the tuition fees. The instructors mark the retail price for each course they create and typically acquire revenues from 2 prominent sources. A full hundred percent of the tuition fees paid by new students on Udemy are received by instructors, as well as an additional 50% from the existing cluster of students learning through the platform.

  • Creators of the courses set the retail prices for each of their courses. Udemy offers pay in the range of $10 to $30 per hour of the content. For example, if a course is four hours long, it would typically be sold for an amount between $40 and $120.

  • Udemy's proprietary publishing technology provides a one-stop store their potential instructors and creators to plan, map, create and publish their offered courses. They also provide various methods of promotions for the courses created. A range of step-by-step videos is available for effective content creation on multiple subjects. The platform opens up their full services, including online support and study/research materials, or examples needed to create good content. The best part is. The services are provided to the creators for free!

  • Instructors can choose to attend promotional events organized by Udemy at certain points of time, to showcase a demo of their courses offered, or to attract new batches of students, or to inspire them. Participation in these events isn't mandatory, but they are a great way to promote their work and influence more students into joining their course at Udemy.
  • Instructors can opt to pursue potential purchasers of their courses. Unlike authors on Amazon who require to create a certain hum-drum or buzz around their work to be able to sell more books. The Udemy platform needs to assure that they are moving with an aggressive strategy for marketing their courses to their own contacts to ensure success in sales. Udemy has over 4 million customers and all of them are considered as potential purchasers of courses at any given point of time.

  • Instructors can build a strong brand around their courses offered on Udemy. Here's how. Each student that enrolls in an instructor's course is under their guidance until the completion of that course. If the students like their way of teaching and a relationship of trust is built between the two. Then there's a high probability that those same customers will pursue the instructor for a service that he offered outside of Udemy. As his brand. There have been various examples of this kind of brand expansion on the Udemy platform over the years.

For students:

  • Udemy offers not only low-cost courses but also pretty big discounts on the existing prices. They assume that a large portion of their customers are free users (those who avail free courses), although most customers are in the fee range of $29 to $99. The platform adopts a strategy to attract customers that includes providing discount coupons at specific points of time or offering a course at 50% of its original fee.

  •  Udemy provides an impressive range of courses-over a hundred categories, which are further divided into a plethora of subcategories.
  • Subjects start from web development, computer languages, and graphics, to music, photography and foreign languages. Udemy's course library offers material that can easily dwarf any competitor platform in the same field.

  • There are a feedback and query section where students can post comments, doubts, or questions about the topics covered. These can be viewed by other students as well as instructors, and be solved by not just the instructors, but also other students who might know the answer to the doubt. This interactive element is essential and, honestly, a great feature of the Udemy platform.

  • As mentioned earlier, students can opt to access the instructor's services outside of Udemy as well. Say. an instructor offers consulting services or publishes books. They can promote their services to students and in turn, students can avail of these services and be exposed to lavish discounts and lowered prices.

  • A great feature offered by Udemy is that they let the students try out a demo video of the course they want to study before making a full purchase. This way. They can make an informed decision about whether they wish to continue or not. Also, if, for some reason, a student realizes that the course isn't working out for them, they can opt-out. They can do so within 30 days of enrollment. They will receive a full refund of their payment without any questions asked!

  • Udemy courses are worth a try. With a customer base of 4 million and growing, we have assured proof that this platform delivers what it promises. Enroll for a free or paid course of your chosen discipline, today!
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